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PostSubject: Demons    23rd June 2014, 1:57 am

The Demons are escaped creatures from the Eternal Graveyard. Or the children of these immigrants. Most of the Demon Race are strong and gifted in Energy, but at the sacrifice of speed. It is impossible to be a neutral demon; you must be an Angel (Lawful Alignment) or Devil (Chaotic Alignment). Whether they are Angels of Life or Angels of Death, or Devils of Good or Devils of Evil is dependent on Evil or Good. ((Ex. Jimbo is a demon. Since he is Lawful Evil, he is an Angel of Death. Ron is Chaotic good. He is a devil of [insert positive adjective] .)

Starting PL: 1,000

Racial Traits:

Rage of the Inferno- When any of a Demon's stats get below 15%, an attack of their choice is negated by its fiery aura once per topic.

Hellish Habits- On an attack using stamina, you can add 10% of the stats used to the attack.



Light and Dark (Permanent):

Requirements: 50,000 PL; win a lethal fight;
Gains: x1.5
Drawbacks: You go to Afterlife as if you died.
Details: You have seen the inevitability of your race. There are no "neutral" Demons, only good or evil. Embracing this truth brings great power.

Life and Death (Permanent):

Requirements: 100,000 PL; reached previous trans;
Gains: +50,000 PL; +10,000 Stamina or Energy
Drawback: -5,000 of Stamina OR Energy (whichever you didn't pick)
Details: Your horns either recede completely or grow twice as long (Good and Evil, respectively) and you have an urge to either save or destroy puny life forms. You now have the power to do so.

Murder and Save (Permanent):

Requirements: 500,000 PL; Killed 5 times
Gains: +250,000 PL;
Racial trait: Mercy Kill- Defeat or kill someone when they have less than 5% Health
Racial trait: Heal- Give another character 50% of their original combat stats.
Drawbacks: -150,000 Speed
Details: Depending on your path, you now can either end or extend a dying person's life. Your physical form changes very little.


Requirements: +1,000,000 PL; 700 word post
Gains: + 500,000 PL
Drawbacks: -300,000 Speed
Details: You hold such power and sway in the afterlife that you choose the fate of dead souls.

End Game (Transformation)

Requirements: 5Million PL, killed 5 times OR won 15 nonlethal fights.
Gains: 2X PL
Drawback: -1,000,000 Health and Speed. After the fight, go to the afterlife for 12 hours.
Details: Enough of this! Demolish everything!

Reaping (Transformation)

Requirements: 50million PL
Gains: x2.5 PL
Drawbacks:-50million Stamina
Details: you have become one with the afterlife as its energy conforms around you.

Gate Keeper (Transformation)

Requirements: 1Billion PL
Gains: x3PL
Drawbacks: Permadeath
Details: the afterlife has always been you’re home and now you pretty much guard the gates.
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