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 Traveler's Guide: Hamba Phambili

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Traveler's Guide: Hamba Phambili Empty
PostSubject: Traveler's Guide: Hamba Phambili   Traveler's Guide: Hamba Phambili Icon_minitime23rd June 2014, 8:38 am

Hamba Phambili, often shortened to "Hamba" or "Phambili" is a planet-wide cityscape that features cutting edge technology and culture. It's the melting pot of the world and where most adventurers choose to start when they want to journey into the stars.

There is no distinct indigenous, dominant species. It's all just immigrants and tourists.

Traveler's Guide: Hamba Phambili Hamba_13The megacity that takes up the entire planet, Hamba City.Thanks, Scott Richard, whoever the bugger you are....

Traveler's Guide: Hamba Phambili Hamba_11
The view from space. Or, if there was a large mirror, then from the planet itself. But that is ridiculous. Space isn't real
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Traveler's Guide: Hamba Phambili
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