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 Traveler's Guide: Rome

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PostSubject: Traveler's Guide: Rome   23rd June 2014, 8:59 am

Rome, or as the locals call it, "Roma", was once the seat of the first empire in the universe. In the first decade of this era, they took to conquering the other planets and protecting them from the cosmic barbarians that pop up from time to time and threaten the civilized world.

Now, the First Roman Empire is all but dust. The planets have shrugged off Rome's influence and developed their own armies and cultures. The planet of Rome itself is still beautiful and bustling and thriving, however.

The planet is divided into seven warring city-states. Each city-state makes up the Seven Hills of Rome:

Aventinus, home to the planet's main spaceport and the largest military base.
Caelius, the industrial Hill.
Capitolium, the Hill that once housed the Senate that has been forgotten in favor of war.
Esquilinus, the largest city, population-wise.
Palatinus, the home to the Emperor's Palace.
Quirinalis, the Hill that only exists on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Viminalis, the Hill that has all the laboratories.

The planet from space. No, this isn't the home of an iconic sci-fi character. Shut up.

The indigenous peoples are the Romans, wise, scholarly people that are divided into several subraces, like the almighty but absent Omega Romans, the Romulus Nebulae, creatures made entirely of gasses that, legend has it, were responsible for creating Roma. The Roman Solaris, the Sun Romans, that were said to have brought the first light to the universe. Lunar Romans, that created the oceans. The list goes on.

They all fight a perpetual war for supreme rule of the rock. It's actually a lovely place to visit---- green fields and aqueducts and arches.

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Traveler's Guide: Rome
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