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PostSubject: Arcturius    23rd June 2014, 9:48 am

Basic Information

Name: Arcturius
Pronunciation: AR-k-terr-E-us
Age: 650 (Equivalent age: 17)
Birth Place: Roma
Gender:  Male
Race: Roman Solaris
Current Planet: Hamba Phambili
Alignment: Lawful Good
Biography: Arcturius was born in a hospital in the Hill of Capitolium, his father and mother senators. They raised him to be a just a fair man, who was destined to help guide the Roman Empire into glory. When he was around a hundred years old, a siege was laid on the Hill, and Arcturius lost his parents. He's spent his last bit of adolescence-- the last five hundred years- traveling among the stars. Unfortunately, orphans can't afford many space pods and he spent a majority of that time on Hamba P.. Now he's old enough to see that it's his time. His time to reunite Roma and bring back peace to the universe. To show the gods-damned barbarians that keep trying to siege Hamba and the other planets.
Personality: Arcturius is a calm, collected young man with a strong moral compass and a sense of great purpose. At the same time, he harbors a sense of humility and honors the universe around him. All he wants is to live in harmony.
Other Information:  
Physical Profile

Height: 6'1
Weight:  145lbs
Physical Appearance: See the profile picture. He's a pale young man with a taste for dressing in robes and suits, and almost always has something that'll sweep the floor. He has dark hair and dark eyes, and almost always has some sort of book in his hands.

PL:  1250
HP: 600
Strength: 200
Speed: 50
Energy: 1000
Aura Color: Blue


Theme Song(s):  
Voice Actor/Actress (ENG):  
Voice Actor/Actress (Alt. Language):  
BB: Eh, sure.
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PostSubject: Re: Arcturius    24th June 2014, 12:36 am

Yea, approved.
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