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 The Amánipáus

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PostSubject: The Amánipáus   23rd June 2014, 6:06 pm

Name of Race: Amánipáus (Ah-MAH-nee-PAHS)
Brief description/history of the race.
The Amánipáus are a peaceful race of warriors that live in clans scattered across planet Tsurrin. They look like humans animals fused, most having claws, fangs, tails and other features depending on the animal they represent. They love challenges and are very athletic, and although being naturally suspicious, they are very welcoming and friendly.
Instinct- Dodge one attack with no cost per battle.
Starting PL: 900

Name of Transformation:
Animal Mind  ((Permanent))

Requirements: 9,000 PL
Gains: +2,500 PL to distribute.
Drawbacks: Only activated when at 10% HP.
Details: You're determined to win and feel your instincts kick in.

Light Shift

Requirements: Anger, 50,000 PL.
Gains: +50,000 PL.
Drawbacks: -1,000 Speed.
Details: You're angry and feel your beast' s rage, your animal features are more pronounced. Lasts 2 turns.

Irate Beast

Requirements: 250, 000 PL.
Gains: +100,000 PL.
Drawbacks: -20,000 Ki.
Details: Your inner beast is taking more control as you fight.

Feral Beast

Requirements: 500,000 PL.
Gains: +200,000 PL
Drawbacks: -10,000 Ki, lasts 3 turns.
Details: Your sentient mind is slipping away slowly, and you're consumed with animal bloodlust. Lasts 3 turns.

Monstrous Beast

Requirements: 1,000,000 PL.
Gains: x2 all stats.
Drawbacks: -20,000 Ki, -50,000 Speed
Details: You've become twice your normal size, your fur has grown out and your eyes glow red. Your humanity is lost and you look like a monster. Lasts 5 turns.


Requirements: 2,000,000 PL.
Gains: +300,000 PL.
Drawbacks: -5,000 Stamina, -7,000 speed.
Details: You suddenly feel weak and tired from the shifting, you slowly return to your base form as you calm down. Lasts 5 turns.

Harmony ((Permanent))

Requirements: 4,500,000 PL
Gains: x3 all stats.
Drawbacks: Permadeath.
Details: You've done it! You've reached pinnacle of your race and are now free to shift at will without anger, you feel strong again.

Repeat as needed.
Additional Information:
Must make a 500 word post about controlling Monstrous Beast, Feral Beast, and Irate Beast.
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PostSubject: Re: The Amánipáus   23rd June 2014, 6:16 pm

Alright. And when I put up the planet, you'll need to make a "Traveler's Guide" post briefly describing the planet and its population.
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The Amánipáus
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