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 The Actual Roleplaying Part of the Game

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The Actual Roleplaying Part of the Game Empty
PostSubject: The Actual Roleplaying Part of the Game   The Actual Roleplaying Part of the Game Icon_minitime23rd June 2014, 1:13 am

There are four types of posts--- Solo, Multiplayer, Quest and Techniques.


You'll want to type alot of words with these and make sure it has good grammar and spelling. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Stat bonus wise. YEAH. You have fun AND help your character gain a higher PL and gain Zenni (money).


Artik stood next in line to file for unemployment. That was when he was attacked by Rick Astley. Artik clawed him off and kneed him in the ribs.

Usually, past tense and 3rd person POV are used in all posts. Also, you can fight in solo without worrying about keeping track of your stats.

Multiplayer Posts

First rule--- Don't reply to a long post with a one-liner.

And when fighting another character, use the stat system. Don't autohit. Use words like "aimed at" or "tried to grab" etc. Your opponent will know if it landed or not, after having the chance to dodge or block.

Artik aimed a ki blast at Appgrall.

((100 Ki - 50 used = 50 remaining))

Appgrall dodged the attack and tried to elbow Artik in the gut.
((60 Speed - 50 = 10))
((90 Stamina- 40 = 50))

When a hit cannot be blocked, the rest comes out of Health. When it reaches 1, you will faint. At 0, you're dead.

You can only die or be killed if all fighters consent OR it's a saga that specifies lethality.

If your speed is higher than your opponents, you may run away. UNLESS a racial ability that prevents this is activated OR an item with the same effect is used. If you run whilst being challenged for whatever Dragon Balls you have, they are forfeit.

Winning a fight will yield in a PL and gold boost.

Also, you must keep track of stats used (see example).

Quest and Techniques follow their posts in the respective Lists.
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The Actual Roleplaying Part of the Game
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