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 Ace Gizmor

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PostSubject: Ace Gizmor   24th June 2014, 10:00 pm

Name: Ace
Pronunciation: if you can’t pronounce that I feel sorry for you.
Age:  23
Birth Place: Glocwaith
Gender:  male
Race:  Technoid
Current Planet:  Hamba Phambili
Alignment: good
Biography: Ace is a young man who loves heavy metal music and getting into fights. Like most Techma Ace is a smart boy and knows his way around the lab. However, unlike most Techma Ace is more of a fighter than an egg head. He joined his first fight club when he was only 14. However, his parents found out about this and quickly put him on a tight leash. Later on about 18 he joined the military so he could do what he loved most. He was eventually given a dishonorable discharge for getting into fights with his army buddies. Now 23 Ace has set his sights on bigger goals and has gone out to find his own path.
Personality:  hard headed and not so easily motivated. He’ll usually do something that benefits him.
Other Information:  
Physical Profile

Height:  5’ 9”
Weight:  198
Physical Appearance:

PL:  1,000
HP: 500
Strength: 400
Speed: 200
Energy: 400
Aura Color:  Black


Theme Song(s):  
Voice Actor/Actress (ENG):  
Voice Actor/Actress (Alt. Language):  
BB: yea
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PostSubject: Re: Ace Gizmor   24th June 2014, 10:12 pm

Steam punk jack black is approved
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Ace Gizmor
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