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 Chronologians ((SPECIAL))

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PostSubject: Chronologians ((SPECIAL))    25th June 2014, 1:11 pm

Name of Race: Chronologians

The Chronologians are considered to be the oldest sentient race in all existence. They were denizens of the very first universe. They were so advanced they created vessels that allowed them to survive the transitions from one universe to the next. They influenced the evolution of every universe that they inhabited. Their technological advances became so great that they could control the river of time itself. Eventually their technology became biological in nature and all Chronologians gained the power. It became part of their genetics. For universe after Universe they survived. Eventually though they began to thin out. The races they helped raise up began to fight against their helpers. Enslaving some members and breeding with them. Eventually this mixed breeding would lead to the development of all the Seraph and Solaris.
Racial Trait: Rewind: Send your enemies tech back at them by reversing time.
Your starting Power level here.7,000

Name of Transformation: Time Warrior (PERM)  
Requirements for Transformation: 10,000 PL
Gains: Regeneration: Sacrifice your turn to regain 10% of your stats, using your power over time to accelerate your healing process
Drawbacks: Your regeneration slows your reaction times 1/2 speed

Name of Transformation: Power Unleashed
Requirements for Transformation: 100,000
Gains: x1.5 PL
Drawbacks: lasts for 3 turns.

Name of Transformation: Advanced Regeneration (PERM)
Requirements for Transformation: 1 million PL
Gains: Can use your regeneration on others.
Drawbacks: ((All you get is an upgrade to an existing ability so...))

Name of Transformation:  High Regenerator (PERM)
Requirements for Transformation: 50 million
Gains: now regenerate 20% instead of 10
Drawbacks: you lose even more speed. 1/4 speed
Details: Your regeneration powers grow even stronger

Name of Transformation: Power Overload
Requirements for Transformation: 100 million
Gains: x2.5 PL
Drawbacks: halve your speed
Details: Your power wells up inside of you and you let it burst out. Lasts 4 turns.

Name of Transformation: Time Mastery (PERM)
Requirements for Transformation: 500 million PL
Gains: Reincarnation: Roll a dice when you die to see if you can reincarnate into a new form. Can use regeneration and attack once per fight
Drawbacks: 1/4 speed
Details: Your mastery over time is unparalleled, you are nearly godlike in powers.  

Name of Transformation: Universal Break  
Requirements for Transformation: 100 billion PL
Gains: x5 all stats.
Drawbacks: permadeath.
Details: Your power is at the peak. The universe itself trembles and burns at your raw energy.

How to get a Chronologian:

To obtain the right to use a powerful race like this you will not have to roll a dice. To obtain a chronologian you are required to send two things to Kasmis. First off, you will need to write a backstory for your character. Second you will explain your reason for wanting one. If you are approved you will gain access to this race for your character.
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Chronologians ((SPECIAL))
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