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 Setsuna Almiezar ((done))

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PostSubject: Setsuna Almiezar ((done))   25th June 2014, 3:14 pm

Basic Information

Name: Setsuna Almeizar
Pronunciation Set-soon-ah Al-mah-zar
Age:  Lost to the ages ((Looks around mid 20's))
Birth Place: Elysium
Gender:  Male
Race:  Chronologian
Current Planet: Tsurrin
Alignment:  Former Chaotic Evil. Now Neutral
Biography: 97 years ago the most important event in the history of this universe occurred. The Great War. A mysterious race called the Serians attacked the known universe. This conflict brought the races of the universe together, many interacting with each other for the first time. The invasion was brutal. The Serian armada's swept across the technologically inferior races of the area. At the head of the invasion force was a solitary figure. To the universe he was known as Serak Tukesh. He was the most powerful fighter available and enemy troops would run when they heard he would make an appearance.

In truth the one known as Serak was not a Serian. He was not even a denizen of this universe. Serak was born with as Setsuna Almiezar. The heir to a powerful family on the Chronologian homeworld of Elysium. From a young age he was heralded for his great combat abilities. At one point he even studied under the legendary Chronologian figure Kasmis Corosian. He was not only a prodigy, but a paragon of virtue as well. Those who knew him considered him to be one of the kindest people they knew. He always had a smile on his face and he never refused to help someone. However soon came the downfall of his race. Sadly his own naivete became his own downfall. Believing the universe to be a kind place, he continued to guide and help other races. As the universes came and went he never lost his identity until one fateful day. After waking up from the hibernation that all Chronologians use during the transfer between universes he was found by a race called the Serians. Wanting nothing but to help another race he agreed to let them study him. The Serians captured him and used their technology to brainwash the mighty Chronologian, turning him into the warrior that the universe knows today.

At the end of the great war the governments of the universe met together and made a plan. They would sen all their strongest fighters to occupy the might Serak while a large strike force would attack the Serians directly. They assumed that 50 warriors would be more than enough to take down the man. Their mistake was assuming that he himself was a Serian and subject to their lack of transformations. When the 50 attacked in their ranks was a Solaris by the name of Arcturius. Even with their advanced numbers the fight was brought to a draw simply through Serak's massive power boost from his Chronologian genes. Slowly the group was slaughtered, leaving only Arcturius and 6 others. However at the same time Serak was drained. Meanwhile the strike force succeeded in destroying the Serian HQ, which held the device that controlled their prized fighter. As the remainder of the 50 prepared for their final strike Setsuna remembered who he was. With their final blast heading towards him his dormant powers over time activated. He froze all those present and disappeared, giving the impression that he had been killed. His innocence torn away from him, the man locked himself away on the first planet he found. Which happened to be the legendary planet of mysteries. Altstadt

Personality: What was once a kind caring person has been turned into a cynical, cold hearted, blunt shell of a man. Setsuna is known simply for his loathing of most races of the galaxy, specifically the Seraphim and the Techma. However the thing that he despises more than anything else in the world is himsellf. Any other life is worth more than his own. A piece of property is worth more than himself in his own eyes.

Other Information:  
Physical Profile

Height:  6'4
Weight:  174 LB
Physical Appearance:

PL:  5,000
HP: 2,500
Strength: 1,000
Speed: 0
Energy: 4,000
Aura Color:  Black and red with flashes of white
Starting Tech: Power Blast


Theme Song(s):  Dead to the World
Voice Actor/Actress (ENG):  
Voice Actor/Actress (Alt. Language):  
BB: yes

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PostSubject: Re: Setsuna Almiezar ((done))   26th June 2014, 12:53 pm

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Setsuna Almiezar ((done))
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