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Rule G5: Intentionally Left Blank!
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules Icon_minitime23rd June 2014, 1:23 am

Here's a list of basic rules that probably shouldn't have to be listed but are going to be because we all know there's going to be that one guy who gets away with being a dick because whatever he's doing isn't technically against the rules. I'll also put in the other rules that are scattered about just so they're in one place

1.) Be polite, don't be a douche. If your character's personality is obnoxious and just a general bad word then feel free. But be nice in the chatbox and when you're out of character. Admins retain the right to do whatever the hell they please to unruly people.

2.) This site is unoffically rated PG-13 so please limit cursing, it's alright now and again but don't overdo it.
3.) You should probably keep away from more mature topics, maybe at some point we'll make a system that makes you put a warning for rated R topics but until then just don't do it. (As of the time of this post there is no system but there may be one when you read this so just ignore that bit and follow the system if there is one)

4.) Don't spam. Nobody likes spam. Not even Monty Python.

5.) No canon characters. They don't exist yet.

6.) If your making a post about you getting a technique or quest or training please put the appropriate tag in the description (i.e; {Tech} for techniques, {Quest} or quest name for quests, and {Training} for training posts.)

7.) If you modify your stats or items without actually having gained the items or stats you will be dealt with severely.

8.) Please wait until you leave your current topic or it has been graded before you jump into a new one. I know it's hard to wait but please do. It makes things very hard for the admins. If it's a solo post why not just type it out while you wait and post it when you leave the previous thread or it has been graded.

9.) While Beginner Battles are not required you probably should because if you don't know how the system works it inconveniences everyone else as well as you.

10.) If you use l33t speak or SMS lingo such as 'y' 'r' and 'u' I will personally find you and subject you to an entire course on grammar. You think I'm kidding? Try me!

11.) Listen to the admins and mods please please please please!

12.) Don't make your signature some huge thing that we have to take a full minute to scroll past. That is ridiculously annoying.

13.) Don't advertise other sites unless it's relevant to the conversation. It's perfectly fine if someone says "Do you guys know where I can watch (insert tv show title) online?" and then you say "Oh yeah sure I use {Free Tv Forever and Ever}" But don't advertise other RPing sites please.

14.) Do not go back during a fight and modify the stats used. If you have made a mistake inform your fellow roleplayer and then fix it, don't just go back and change them because you're losing.

15.) Do NOT make or join another post until an admin has graded your topic. Signify that the topic is over with "END"

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General Rules
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