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 What Is Shattered Hope: The Days of Old?

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What Is Shattered Hope: The Days of Old? Empty
PostSubject: What Is Shattered Hope: The Days of Old?   What Is Shattered Hope: The Days of Old? Icon_minitime5th July 2014, 8:35 am

Days of Old is the newest installment of the Dragon Ball: Shattered Hope series of roleplaying forums. While the last three sites have continued the same basic storyline, this one journeys into the very distant past. Into the days of Romans (the ancient ancestors of many, many races, specifically the Saiyans) and Seraphim. Into a literally different universe.

See, the Shattered Hope canon dictates that the Z Fighters--- Son Goku and Prince Vegeta, and company--- lived in Universe 42B. In Shattered Hope IV, it is revealed that 42B was created when the Seraphim, an angelic race living in Universe 42(A), were doing some sort of experimenting of a scientific nature and--- boom! They tore a whole right through the universal barriers, opening a rift into a new, empty universe. The lore goes that the Seraphim and Romans--- the latter would come to be called Cosmic Saiyans--- went to explore this place and, seeing nothing there, they created. They built whole planets and suns and galaxies and nebulae. They created new species, culminating in the birth of Humans and Saiyans and Namekians.

That was Year 1492 of the First Era. This year is 1450 1E. This is the story of how the universe discovered Time Travel and Teleportation and eventually, the birth of 42B.

As this is a different universe, billions of years before the Z Fighters and the canon races of Dragon Ball, this shouldn't be considered a Dragon Ball RPG. If one of those are more your speed, please go to Shattered Hope IV, our sister site. I will say now, however, that the events here will directly affect the site there. Time is always in flux, and actions will have very drastic consequences. As such, for the full enjoyment of the series, it is recommended to create a character on both sites.

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What Is Shattered Hope: The Days of Old?
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