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 Mind over machine

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PostSubject: Mind over machine   Mind over machine Icon_minitime8th July 2014, 12:29 am

The sky began to darken and the clouds began to role in while you could still see them and thunder could be heard from a distance. Riku was oblivious to all of this as he was now in a battle for control in his head between the machinery that was keeping him alive and his own mind.
Riku’s mind-
“You’re week and there’s nothing you can do about it. I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time taking your pathetic body and doing whatever I darn well please with it. You’re nothing but a pathetic worm who’s lucky to even be alive right now. If it wasn’t for me you would be dead.” Rei, which was the name the machinery had given itself, was saying towards Riku.
“Maybe you’re right, maybe I’m nothing but a pathetic worm and have no use in living. I should have died in that fire, maybe I should just let you take over my useless body.”
“Glad we both agree.”
“But that’s not going to happen. Because I will be condemned before I let a monster like you take my body, one that’s been suited up with all sorts of machinery that could kill any living species”
“So you think you own this machinery for the simple reason it’s implanted into your body. Well let me tell you something you waste of space, this machinery doesn’t belong to you, you’re only borrowing it I keep you alive you stupid piece of trash. I own you and you want to know something else while I’m at it you think you’re safe up here in your mind well you and me are one now so it’s my mind too.” Pieces of machine started to form around Riku as Rei watched. “See, what did I tell you, nothing you can do will stop me and right now I’m in your head and taking over your body as we speak.”
“You can’t do anything it’s still my body and I control what happens.” Some of the machinery started to regress back into Riku’s body. “See you may be in my body, but it was originally mine and I’ll be danged if you’re going to take it away from me.” More Machinery started to regress.
“Hahaha, you stupid fool.” The machinery that had regressed had now started to come back and pretty much every inch of Riku’s body except for his face was now covered in machinery. “See metal beets flesh and artificial intelligence will always beat the human brain.” The rest of Riku was overcome with Machinery.
The sky was now clear and the sun had started to rise. Riku had spent all night trying to fight Rei and now he had lost. Riku stood up and looked over to the door to see the light from the outside. “Let’s go see the world die and watch it burn.” Riku walked out the door and walked along a trail that lead from the tiny shack he had been in towards a village. “Now, if I remember this machinery allows me to steel the energy from others.” As Riku came to the town he neared a small house over to the side. He walk towards the house to see an elderly man outside tending to his garden. He approached. The man noticed him, “Well hello there sonny. Is there something I can do for you?”
“Yes actually, there is.” Riku grabbed the man and started harvesting the energy from him, “You can give me your life.” The man was beginning to look like a dried up raisin when his wife came out side to see the horror. With a look of terror in her eyes she dropped the glass of lemonade she had made for her husband and as the glass broke she let out a scream. Riku quickly rushed over and covered her mouth and started draining her energy as well, “Now, now, we don’t want to alert the neighbors do we.” Riku had finished siphoning off the last of her energy and saw that there was no one else around and as he turned to see the town he froze and suddenly the machinery started to go haywire. “What? What’s happening?”
“I’m happening. I can’t believe what you just did to those people. What did they ever do to you?”
“They existed.” Rei said as he fought back against Riku’s ambush.
“That still gives you no right to go around siphoning off peoples energy. And those are the last people I’m going to let that happen to.” The machinery started to regress back into Riku’s body.
“How are you doing this? You’re nothing but a pathetic waste of space worm. And I’m perfection.”
“Just because you’re maid of machinery doesn’t make you perfect. Even the most advanced machinery has its flaws.” Riku had come back to full control of his body.
“This isn’t possible there’s no way I could lose to you.”
“Your days of terrorizing me and the world are over.”
“So what? You just get rid of me? Is that it, you would be no better than me if you did that.”
“I’m not getting rid of you simply putting you behind a mental block using the machinery that you so graciously gave me. I can make a space in my mind to hold you and keep you there.”
“If you think this little contraption can hold me you’re stupider than I thought. I can’t be contained there will come a day that I will rise back and take your body and delete you from me.”
“Well until that day comes have fun in solitary.” Riku had come back to full control at last and for the first time his mind was clear with nothing and no one in his mind to bother him. Life was about to get better for him. He turned to see the two bodies and thought he couldn’t leave them like this. After a few minutes he had given them a proper burial and turned to get back on the road and headed to where ever the wind took him.

Word count: 1022
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PostSubject: Re: Mind over machine   Mind over machine Icon_minitime8th July 2014, 10:51 pm

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Mind over machine
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