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 Riku stops a riot

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PostSubject: Riku stops a riot   Riku stops a riot Icon_minitime8th July 2014, 11:09 pm

Near a stadium, crowds could be heard chanting and fans were screaming. However, it was not for the game which they screamed but more rather at the losing team. Angry at the Buzzing Mosquitos, the star lacrosse team that was sure to go to the playoffs, had lost at the playoffs and now the fans were in an unbridled rage at the team. Panic in the streets began as the angered fans began looting everything in the stores saying they deserved it for the lose they were just dealt and it was the least the town could do for all the heartache and pain they had suffered. With mass chaos ravaging throughout the town all hope was surely lost until. Riku, who previously was going wherever the wind would guide him, had stumbled across the town and noticed the horror and chaos that was in play. “What happened here? It looks terrible.”
“Hey, you. Yeah you. Come here.” A man who was hiding in an alley way called to Riku. Riku walked over to the man that had called him, “It’s not wise to just be out on the streets right now.”
“Why?” Riku questioned.
“Ever since the game about three hours ago the fans have been crazy insane,” Riku thought that sounded familiar, “all they do is run around destroying and looting. They don’t care because it’s the home team’s town and not theirs.” Riku felt sort of bad for these people and at the same time confused as to why and how a sporting event could make people go as crazy as to loot and demolish a town. It wasn’t Riku’s place to judge however, for he himself had done some things he wasn’t too proud of.
“I guess I have no choice then. I’ll stop the riot.”
“Are you insane they’ll kill you if you go out there?”
“Trust me I’ll be fine.” Riku left the alley way and walked out into the streets. “You really think you can stop all of them without my help?” Rei said from the mental prison he was locked away in.
“If I have to do this by myself so be it. I will not let you out again.” Riku walked through the street until he saw a couple looters wearing the Mosquito jerseys. Riku walked up to them and grabbed them both and tossed them up into the air. He quickly grabbed the merchandise and put it back on the counter and then as the two looters came back down he round house kicked them. The two thugs crashed into a wall and were out cold. “See, I don’t need robotic machinery to beat these guys.” From a distance a loud crash could be heard as if someone had just crashed their car. Riku hurried over to the area in which the crash originated. Once there he saw that it was not a crash but an explosion that caused a bank vault to be forcefully be opened. Riku saw once again Mosquito jerseys, “Really? Was losing a game this much of a bummer that you guys resort to theft and bank robbery?” Riku quickly snatched up the robbers and through them into the vault and closed the door, “You might want to call the cops before opening that again.” He said to a teller. Riku rushed outside to see that the violence was not letting up despite the few things he had done it seemed as if for each person he stopped another would spawn in their place. “Well guess there’s no other choice I’ll have to find some way to stop them all at once.” Riku looked around the city to try to find something. He looked on the streets and then in the sky. He then saw the answer to the problem. A banner that was put up in good favor welcoming the Buzzing Mosquitos to the town. He quickly climbed up a fire escape to get to the banner and then once up top he looked down to see that pretty much the entire stadium was down in the middle of the street. Riku unlatched one side of the banner and then backed up to make the jump for the other roof the banner was hooked to. He then took a leap of faith and jumped off the ledge. He nearly missed the ledge put he caught himself and pulled himself up. Riku quickly unlatched the banner and the banner fell to the streets catching each person as if they were a fish in a net. Riku jumped to the streets, the implants keeping him from braking his legs. He quickly grabbed each corner of the banner and tied it off to a street post so that it would keep the rioters pinned to the ground. Riku then sat on the street corner to see his handy work. Every single one of the rioters were pinned underneath the banner. When the police showed up he told them what he had done and they could hardly believe their ears. They thanked Riku for his help and warned him about being a vigilante. He promised this wasn’t something he did often. He helped make sure that all rioters were rounded up safely and then went back on his way. “I bet you think you’re some kind of hero now don’t you? Saving an entire town from a riot. The police couldn’t handle it that’s for sure, so out of the kindness of your heart you decide to help out and you did it single handedly. So you think you’re a hero.”
“You know I feel sorry for you some times. You’re locked up in that mental prison so you have nothing else to do but try to lower my guard by trying to put me down. But, it’s not going to work because I didn’t do it for the publicity, I did It because I saw a town that couldn’t save itself from some outside source. In a way the town was me and the riot was you.” Rei went back to being quite.
Word count: 1015
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PostSubject: Re: Riku stops a riot   Riku stops a riot Icon_minitime8th July 2014, 11:52 pm

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Riku stops a riot
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