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PostSubject: Blessing    Blessing   Icon_minitime9th July 2014, 5:16 pm

This technique is unique to the Seraph race. The Seraphim are a protective lot and over the years they have gained an intricate knowledge of how to heal people of all types of physiology. Being healed is often referred to as receiving a "blessing", because people are stupid and naive.

Requirements: First Wing trans, Fourth Wing trans, and/or Burning One trans. 800 word post.

Effects: With each pair of wings you gain your healing abilities improve. You use ki to heal.

First Wing: You can heal anyone including yourself. Ex: Cyril uses 100 ki to give Artik 100 health
Fourth Wing: You may use your ki to boost any stat. Ex: Cyril uses 100 ki to boost Artik's speed by 100
Sixth Wing (Burning One): Your healing and boosts get a x4 multiplier. Ex: Cyril uses 100 ki to heal Artik, Artik receives 400 health.
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