Shattered Hope: The Placeholder Name

Rule G5: Intentionally Left Blank!
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PostSubject: Latet Kaio   Latet Kaio Icon_minitime9th July 2014, 5:28 pm

You use the latent energy of the afterlife to give you strength. It can boost your PL and stuff! But it drains your health... You can only use one of these levels per topic and only one Latet Kaio at a time (so you can't use it until it's effects wear off.)

Req: 19,000 PL; 1,500 words

Times One
Uses: Three times per topic
Gains: 1.2X PL
Drawback: Lasts three turns

Times Two
Uses: Twice per topic
Gains: 2X PL
Drawbacks: Lasts two turns; -15% Health

Times Three
Uses: Once per topic
Gains: 3.5X PL
Drawbacks: One turn; -75% health
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Latet Kaio
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