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 Riku has trust issues

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Riku has trust issues Empty
PostSubject: Riku has trust issues   Riku has trust issues Icon_minitime9th July 2014, 10:39 pm

Crash landing on Altstadt Riku exited the pod he had purchased from the store clerk on Hamba Phambili. Riku looked around to see a world that looked as though it was out of some kind of fairy tale of the grim version. Riku walked around an eerie forest until he came upon a village. The village was very small in size and hidden behind a giant wall and door. Riku walked forward and reached to knock on the door when he was snatched up by a net. Riku dangled in the air as the door opened and elf like creatures came out carrying spears. They encircled Riku and pointed them at him. One of the creatures, perhaps the leader of their village came forth and spoke to Riku, “Who are you to come to are village and threaten us.”
“I didn’t threaten any of you.” Riku said retracing his steps, “Yeah I haven’t.”
“Perhaps not right away but we know your kind. And they all do eventually.”
“You said they all do eventually. They all eventually what?”
“Betray and threaten.”
“Well how do you know I’m the same?”
“Because they all do.”
“They who?”
“Your kind.”
“What’s my kind?” Riku was having fun with the man at this point.
“We know what you’re doing and we will not stand for it. You claimed to be different then prove to us that you will not threaten.”
“Let us finish. Our livestock have become scares lately with howling creatures taking them away.”
“You mean wolves.” Riku said. He was starting to get dizzy from all the blood rushing to his head.
“Not wolf’s per say. Simply creatures that sound like the beast. Any way bring us back our livestock and you will have proven that you shall not threaten.” The man released Riku. Riku had begun his quest to find the livestock and through his journey he had found a trail of what seemed to be sheep’s wool. Riku followed this trail and found a small camp of what seemed to be wolf people. Riku saw that they were keeping the livestock in pins over to the south side of the camp. Riku snuck around and freed the animals. He led them back to the village, picking up a stray sheep here and there. Once back the village folk rounded them up. The village leader approached Riku again, “Well perhaps we were wrong about you. You are welcome here any time.” Riku was offered to stay in the village for the night but he said he couldn’t. Riku began his walk back to the pod.

Word count: 436
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Riku has trust issues Empty
PostSubject: Re: Riku has trust issues   Riku has trust issues Icon_minitime10th July 2014, 3:53 pm

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Riku has trust issues
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