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 Update: The Beginning and the Where to Start

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PostSubject: Update: The Beginning and the Where to Start   10th July 2014, 10:02 pm

Riku and I have been hard at work, adding and improving things around here. He's been doing important mod-work, revamping the race pages, and I've added a few new things.

I've added a new post to Lore, that explains the religion and gods of 42A, as well as the prevalent Creation Myth.
Read that to find out which god you'd like to worship.

There are currently four gods: Nature, Order, Peace, and Chaos. These are the main gods.

There are now pictures on nearly all the race pages, and should be finished tomorrow.

I've deleted the "starting planet" option from the character templates. For now on, Kasmis will drop the poor bastards new players off at Inizio. There will be several quests to get them started, with enough gold to send them to the rest of the universe, and a nice shop.

Things to look for soon...

The gods will be looking for your devotion. A temple is being built on Heaven for them all. Quests will be added.

There will be more gods added soon, as well as the patron gods of planets.

Inizio will have plenty of quests and the first specialty shop.

There will be certain god-related techniques.

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Update: The Beginning and the Where to Start
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