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 Custom Template

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PostSubject: Custom Template   Custom Template Icon_minitime23rd June 2014, 1:33 am

This template should be filled out and added to the Race Registry section.

Custom Race Template
If you’re here you’re either curious or you hate all the other races and want to make your own because you are clearly superior to us. Well here's how:

Name of Race
Brief description/history of the race.
Insert your custom racial trait here.
Your starting Power level here. (Common courtesy dictates you do not go above 1,000. Check other races for reference.)
You can only have up to 7 transformations.

Name of Transformation (Specify here if your trans. is permanent, if not specify how long the transformation lasts in Details.):
(Picture of the transformation here if its available, it’s not required though)
Requirements for Transformation: Ex – 10,000 PL; won one lethal battle
Gains: Stats and/or new racial trait you receive while in this trans. If you get a new trait the old one is replaced.
Drawbacks: All your trans must have some sort of drawback such as -1,000 Any stat or the removal of your racial trait. A common and sometimes mandatory drawback for your most powerful and/or last transformations is Permadeath.
Details: Describe the transformation here and state how long it lasts if not permanent.

If you have 4 or less transformations, your highest transformation cannot have a powerlevel requirement over one million.
If you have 5 or 6 transformations, your highest transformation cannot have a powerlevel requirement of over one hundred million.
If you have 7 transformations, your highest transformation cannot have a powerlevel requirement over one billion.

Repeat as needed.
Additional Information:
Here you can put additional information about your race such as more specifications for your race.

You may want your race to be available only to you, and if you do give a legitimate reason in the description of your race (Ex: You're a mutant so there is only one of you) and put {Locked} in the title. If you need help making your race just check out the other race's page and use those as a guide. Have fun!
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Custom Template
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