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 The Seraphim

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PostSubject: The Seraphim   23rd June 2014, 1:51 am

The Seraphim (Seraph singular, Seraphim plural)
The Seraphim are a race of intelligent, angelic creatures whose intellect is only matched by their ferocity when defending their home.

Starting PL: 900
Racial Traits
Requirements: Ally must be in danger.
Details: The Seraph race is extremely protective, and your friends are in danger. Damned if you’ll tolerate any harm coming to them! Your gain %5 of your PL to distribute to other stats. (Lasts until danger has passed or your ally fails/dies)
Drawback: If ally fails their goal or dies your stats are divided by half for the rest of battle.

Saving Grace:
Requirements: Have been killed.
Details: Due to the unpredictability of the Seraph's true form, death may not be the final destination. The body has a chance of being regenerated. Stats are restored to 50% of the original numbers upon death.
Drawback: A die must be rolled and if it lands on the number the roller has chosen then, and only then, can this trait be used.

Savior (Permanent):

Requirements: 50,000 PL; used the Guardian transformation 5+, 500 word post.
Gains: 20,000 PL to distribute
Drawback: You can’t use this form if you’re bad.
Details: Your race thrives off kindness both mentally and physically and it shows in the power boost! (Please provide a link to the times you used Guardian and insert them at the end of the training post.)

First Wings (Permanent):

Requirements:  200,000 PL; 700 word post
Gains: 100,000 PL
Drawback: You have to relearn flight with a 200 word post.
Details: As a Seraph you’ve earned your first set of wings! Wings of ki appear as your powerlevel increases greatly. Of course these wings are definitely a change of pace from your normal appearance and it takes a bit to learn how the hell they work. (You can hide them if you wish)


Requirements:  600,000 PL; Reached First Wings transformation; a post about attending a motivational seminar
Gains:  x2 Ki, Stamina, and Speed
Drawbacks: If you go below 1,000 in any stat you faint. Loser.
Details: You don’t like the situation you’re in and you hate not being able to do anything. But wait a minute. You can! You've thought through your life and you reach an enlightened state and double in power. Awesome. (Lasts 5 posts)

Fourth Wing (Permanent):

Requirements: 1,000,000 PL; 1,000 word post
Gains: x3 PL
Drawbacks: Wow these wings sure are big and unwieldy. I mean they look pretty cool but whoa the drag on those things. (-300,000 speed)
Details: You have learned an important truth and become a force to reckon with, your powerlevel grows so high it manifests in another set of wings giving you four. You glow with power.

Nova Seraph (Permanent):

Requirements: 50,000,000 PL; Fourth Wing Trans.; 500 word post
Gains: +10,000,000 PL; The "Nova Explosion" Technique (Described below in Additional Info.)
Drawbacks: -5,000,000 Health
Details: The Seraphim generally have control over the forms they take, but when they become powerful enough their power begins to manifest in strange ways. This foreign universe has no idea what's happening to your body so it's cobbling together things best it can. Strong emotions and fighting often result in... oddities. (Namely explosions and biological malfunctions.) Your body exudes power and your eyes glow.

The Burning One

Requirements: 100,000,000 PL
Gains: x4 All stats
Drawbacks: This plane of existence threatens to shatter under the power of your true form. You must leave this form before it does permanent damage to the universe (10 Posts). If your health goes below 100,000 you can no longer sustain yourself and die.(Permadeath)
Details: You gain your last pair of wings and have become the most powerful any Seraph can be. Your physical form is discarded in favor of your true form. You become pure fiery ki in the shape of an angel and once you leave this form you retain your last pair of wings.


Additional Information:
The Nova Explosion technique, which can only be learned by being a Nova Seraph, is the universe failing to reconstruct the foreign Seraph's growing power properly. Biological errors and flares in power cause decreases in health and proportional increases in power.

Effects: Health is put into this attack like other regular stats and a x5 multiplier is added.
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The Seraphim
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