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 The Backstory

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PostSubject: The Backstory   The Backstory Icon_minitime23rd June 2014, 8:24 am

In the year 575AZ, some of the greatest warriors the multiverse will ever know appeared. Their home was Universe Forty-Two "B". They spent all their time training and protecting this damp, blue little orb called Earth and the heroes' own planets. They were Riza and his family, including Elucidia, Cyril the Lord of Heaven, Artik the old Sun King of Rome, and Zero the Techma. Some of these people weren't born in 42B--- in fact, they came from here.

Universe Forty-Two "A". Year 1450 of the First Era. This universe, this year. In the future, this universe will accomplish great things. The Seraphim will burst a hole straight through the fabric of Causality, right into a new universe. It was from here that the Romans and Seraphim journeyed, into the empty new place, building and creating and breeding. Whole new planets and whole new species. Over billions of years, creating planets like Korgamel and Jurvaxis, Vegeta and Earth. Species like avacados and Namekians. Saiyans and Humans. And heroes would rise from these planets, from these races. Prince Vegeta and Son Goku. Makoto and Amaterasu. And they would fend off great villains that wanted to rule, or destroy, anything they could find. Like Majin Buu and Frieza. Makoto's Evil Clone and Cynric.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves, eh? That's billions of years from here, and unfathomable obstacles and distances. We're here, year Fourteen-fifty of the First Era. The Mighty Roman Empire is broken up into planet-states, disjoined and un-unified, with only the old capital of Roma being fought over by all its people. The Seraphim have just finished one of their greatest projects, the creation of The Ix. The two races are now living peacefully on the same, green, lushious planet full of spires and temples. The slightly supernatural and sleepy village-planet of Altstadt has once again become independent from Roma, and the long-eared, blonde, blue-eyed elves that inhabit it are paranoid and wary of strangers.
Hamba Phambili continues to grow and thrive into a bustling, state-of-the-art metropolis.

And yet, below all this, there seems to be something dark and mysterious. It's up to you to save this universe. Work with the others you are bound to meet. Or kill each other and take the whole damn universe for yourself. Either or.
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The Backstory
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