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 Travelers Guide: Glocwaith

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Travelers Guide: Glocwaith Empty
PostSubject: Travelers Guide: Glocwaith   Travelers Guide: Glocwaith Icon_minitime8th July 2014, 11:45 pm

Glocwaith is a technologically advanced planet with two mane attractions: the Archimedes - a giant library that houses every piece of known information in the galaxy as new information is written down the libraries collection expands: and the Arena- a tournament style arena in which crafters and tinkers test their creations durability by pitting their creations against on another.

Travelers Guide: Glocwaith 287044

Travelers Guide: Glocwaith 640x326_3668_Scifi_tower_2d_sci_fi_tower_architecture_picture_image_digital_art
the Archimedes
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Travelers Guide: Glocwaith
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