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 "Religion and the Gods"

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PostSubject: "Religion and the Gods"   "Religion and the Gods" Icon_minitime10th July 2014, 8:19 pm

Despite the twenty-something attempted Atheist Movements, the religions of our universe are still heavily observed by the people of the universe.

The myths go that the four Master Gods were the first to appear in the universe. While this is disputed by secular scholars, almost anyone you meet on the streets will affirm this statement.

Here's an excerpt from the religious texts, The Kinh Thaan.

And there came the four men. They found themselves in our world, back when it was small, and sparse, and held no life. The first through, Kinaiyahan, looked upon the black void and smiled, seeing a blank canvas for her to paint as she saw fit. And thus, came nebulas, came planets and moons, came seas and dirt and grass and trees. She frowned, noticing something missing. Before she was able to realize the missing element to her painting, the next person walked through into the universe.

The second to come through, Ukuthula, who chose the form of a great, resplendent dragon, smiled and told his friend Kinaiyahan, "Kinai, it's a beautiful world. I bless it, may it forever be this gorgeous." Kinaiyahan was moved by this so much, that she floated to the dragon and embraced him. It was then that the two laid together, and the first people were conceived. Time passed and the twins, Romulus and Remus, were born. The twins, one day, wandered from their divine parents and they were separated, each going to a different new planet. Distraught, Ukuthula and Kinaiyahan bred several more times, until the ancestors to all of our races were born. Romulus would begin to build upon the planet he grew up on, and the new species would find their various ways to Romulus, and he welcomed them. His children would be bestowed with great power, the power of creation. Remus would do likewise, on the planet he named Heaven, but his gift to his children would be granted the power of wisdom. As the years passed, Remus and Romulus tended to their people. They found that, despite their best attempts to work around this, their children would grow old and die. Remus and Romulus, themselves, could not be killed, nor could they age and die naturally. The twins had forgotten about each other, until their people warred. The planets of Rome and Heaven fought on a belt of asteroids, During the fight, the two brothers were reunited, and they ran one another through with their swords. The immortal twins, as it turned out, could only be killed by the other. The two armies stopped the fighting, seeing their fallen protectors. The two warring factions embraced, and they built a magnificent temple of green and marble and gold for the bodies to forever rest. After this, the people from both planets comingled, and some from each army went to either planet. Those whose ancestors chose Rome would eventually become Romans, and those who went to Heaven would become Seraphim.

At the doorway to our universe, another being stood and watched, grinning at the death and destruction he caused. Nidaam Darro stood next to Kinaiyahan and Ukuthula, having secretly guided the twins apart, influencing their people and starting their war. He watched as the other two wept at the death and destruction of their long-lost children's kingdoms.

The last one of the four, Määrätä, appeared before the three, in grand robes of gold and white. He saw at once the ruination caused by the imbalance of evil in the world, thanks to Nidaam Darro. He put an end to the war, willing the brothers to kill each other. He wasn't as afraid to use conflict to solve conflict as Kinaiyahan or Ukuthula. He was willing to do whatever it took to maintain order. He vowed to put an end to the chaos brought to this universe by Nidaam Darro. Thanking him, Ukuthula vowed to devote his life to the pursuit of peace, and tranquility. He added that, "I shall not use violence, Taram," as this is another name of Määrätä, along with 'Amarata' and 'Ramata'.

"Ulah," Taram replied to Ukuthula, who could also be called 'Kutha' and 'Luthak', "I wish you could accomplish this."

Nidaam Darro, while the others engaged in the exchange of philosophy, led Kinaiyahan away from them, shrouded by a dark mist. "Hello, Kiya," he said to her, who could also be called 'Kinai' and 'Yahna',  flashing a charming smile, "Those boys sure talk up a storm." Before Kinaiyahan could giggle, his lips were on hers, and they had relations. The seduction of Nature by Chaos would lead to the birth of vile diseases, and decay.

And so, the players took there parts on the stage. They would enter a time of relative peace, to Ukuthula's smugness, and Kinaiyahan would see the danger in chaos, and return to her now-beloved. Peace and Nature once again entered union, and Order would constantly keep Chaos in balance.

If you're incredibly thick, I'll put this here.

The God of Nature and Creation is Kinaiyahan (KEE-nI-ya-hahn), also known as Kiya, Kinai and Yahna. (S)he prefers the form of an elven woman."Religion and the Gods" Elf

The God of Peace and Tranquility is Ukuthula (Ooh-koo-thoo-lah), also known as Kutha, Ulah, and Luthak. He prefers the form of a dragon, however, like all other gods, can change his appearance at will.
"Religion and the Gods" Light_Dragon_by_pamansazz

The God of Chaos and War is Nidaam Darro (NEE-dAHm DahROW), also known as Madoran, Idanak, and Arrodam. He prefers a body shrouded in darkness, but his affinity for deceit leads him to appear often as other people and their loved ones, to destroy families.
"Religion and the Gods" DeathGod

The God of Order and Balance is Määrätä (MAA-rah-AY-tAY), more conveniently known as other things, with less specialty characters, like Taram, Amarata and Ramata. His preferred form is a strong male in resplendent white and gold war-robes. For the sake of all of our wits, let's say he likes to be called Taram, most of all.
"Religion and the Gods" 240px-Perses

I hope this book has helped clear up any questions about what the majority of the universe believes in. Like, literally, 99% of people.
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"Religion and the Gods"
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