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PostSubject: General Shop   General Shop Icon_minitime12th July 2014, 10:30 pm


Space Pod
Details: Gets you instantly to any planet in the galaxy you are in.
Uses: 1
Price: 500 Gold

Pod Bundle
Uses:10 Pods
Price: 4,500

Grand Space Pod
Details: Can transport you to any planet in the same realm as you.
Uses: 5
Price: 5,500

Small Beans
Details: Senzu beans that have been lying around for a while and that restore 25% of health, ki, stamina and speed.
Uses: 1 per bean,, once per turn
Price: 250 G

Small Bean Bundle
Uses: 10 Beans; once per turn
Price: 2,000 G

Smoke Bomb
Details: Small explosives that impair your opponents' vision, allowing a free block-free, dodge-free attack OR allowing you to run away.
Uses: 1
Price: 1,500 G

Smoke Bomb Bundle
Uses: 10 Bombs
Price: 10,250 G

* Consumables may only be used once per fight.

:. Armour .:

Rusty Armour
Details: Adds 100 points to health.
Uses: Unlimited (passive)
Price: 5,000 G

.:. Weapons .:.

Details: Deals 500 points to health.
Uses: 10 ; once per fight.
Price: 20,000 G

:.:Training Boosts:.:

20 Lbs Weighted Training Clothes
Details: 1.7X boosts to training gains.
Uses: 5; one per topic; only solo topics
Price: 15,000 G

10Lbs WTC
Details: Gives training a 1.3X boost
Uses: 2
Price: 2,000 G
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General Shop
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