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 Character Template

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Character Template   Character Template Icon_minitime23rd June 2014, 1:30 am

((Fields marked * are optional))
Basic Information

Name: (What are they called?)
Pronunciation (How do we say your name?)
Age:  (How old are they?)
Birth Place: (Where are they from?)
Gender:  (Male, female?)
Race:  (What species it is?)
Alignment:  (Good, bad? Neutral?)
Biography: (What is their story?) [minimum of 50 words, please]
Personality:  (What are they like?)
Other Information:  
Physical Profile

Height:  (How tall?)
Weight:  (How fat?)
Physical Appearance:  (What do they look like?)

PL:  (Taken from your Race)
HP: (Half your PL) ((This will always be half your PL))
Strength: (These three stats add up to your total PL)
Aura Color:  
Starting Tech:

Choose One

Power Strike: Add 10% damage to your stamina attack
Power Blast: Add 10% to your energy attack
Nimble Feet: Dodge an attack for 10% less

Theme Song(s):  
Voice Actor/Actress (ENG):  
Voice Actor/Actress (Alt. Language):  
BB: (BB, or beginner battle. They’re here to help grasp the Battle System by having you and and Kasmis fight. You can’t die in these, and you gain a PL bonus, so there’s no way you can lose at this. Highly recommended as this is sort of an introduction into the world.))

((Just fill this out and post it under 'Character Creation'))

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Character Template
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