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 Traveler's Guide: Altstadt

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Traveler's Guide: Altstadt Empty
PostSubject: Traveler's Guide: Altstadt   Traveler's Guide: Altstadt Icon_minitime23rd June 2014, 8:34 am

Altstadt is a bit complicated to describe. Perhaps the best way is to just liken it to the mysterious, yet sleepy land of forests and villages and castles that you hear about in the Brothers Grimm's tales.

The locals here are the Altstadtians. They've got pointy ears and blonde hair and blue eyes. Since 'Altstadtian' is a long word, a local may also call itself an 'Alf'. Over the years, their former rulers, the Romans, mistakenly took to calling them Elves. This sort of stuck, and now even a local may call itself an 'Elf'.

The locals will probably ask for help with the disappearances and odd howlings that may be heard on any given night. So, you know. Gainful employment.

Traveler's Guide: Altstadt Altsta10

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Traveler's Guide: Altstadt
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